Month: November 2018

More and more business professionals are making the smart decision to migrate to the Cloud. Specifically, many companies are migrating their data centers to affordable and versatile public Cloud platforms. However, there is much discussion about the best strategies for securing these public Cloud headquarters. Application programming interfaces are one of the top tools companies can deploy to secure their public Cloud databases.

With the cloud comes promise: the promise of flexibility, scalability, and endless options for productivity. How do you know if migrating to the cloud is the best fit for you, and what do you need to consider before making the jump?

There have never been more reasons for businesses to move to the cloud – have you taken advantage of what the cloud has to offer?

There’s non-stop talk these days about how businesses are using technology to stay connected and competitive in their target markets. Whether its improving your company infrastructure to streamline businesses processes or investing in new ways to remain connected with your market, technology is making it easier than ever for businesses to stay available and profitable. But what are the best ways for business professionals to create a successfully connected organization?