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Working in hospitality means wearing many different hats. 

Your days are full seeing to your guests’ many and varied needs.  After all, you want their experience at your hotel to be even more than they had hoped it would be.  The truth is it takes very little to derail a positive stay for a guest, and in this day and age of easy to write and publish reviews, even one negative comment regarding your facility can have disastrous results.

InfiniCloud—A Team With An All-Inclusive Plan

With many IT companies, you get precisely what you pay for and no more.  You can pick and choose which services you feel you absolutely must have, but you end up leaving others that could benefit you on the table simply due to cost.  With IT from InfiniCloud, you get all the IT hardware and cloud assets you need for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee that won’t break the bank.  No need to sacrifice what you want for what you need.  With InfiniCloud, you can have it all.

InfiniCloud promises you:

  • Top notch services
  • Fast response times
  • Experienced staff
  • Green technology
  • Affordability
  • Proactive IT solutions for the hospitality industry
  • Rock solid security
  • Free evaluations
  • POS/PMS system procurement, installation, and management
  • Consistent Wifi connectivity

Whatever your needs, we can deliver!

Technology now features very significantly in the lives of those who chose to stay at your hotel.

Many guests are spending a few nights in town and need access to consistent Wifi to do work in the evenings in their room.  Others may book a conference room and want to rent audio-visual equipment or other supplies.  And still, much of the equipment in your rooms from heating systems to the lights and TV and even remote key access are operated using sophisticated technological options.  Any one of these things malfunctioning or just being plain slow can ruin a guest experience.

You can’t afford for that to happen.

Point of sale and property management systems can also be particularly tricky. The hospitality business is run on credit card transactions.  If for some reason, your systems just won’t stay connected…it could lead to errors in charges.  And that customer will tell another…and that person another still.  We know that accidents can and do happen, but things of this nature just can’t happen if you want to maintain good customer relations.

Security is another issue that is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  With cybercriminals more cunning than ever, a simple hack of your systems could mean identity theft for your guests.  The importance of airtight security cannot be overstated.

Running one or a chain of hotels makes for a busy day.  And the truth is that you and your staff just don’t have the time or the expertise to deal with the intracacies of computer systems management and maintenance any longer.  It is time to outsource your IT needs to a top-quality professional IT support firm that has an all-inclusive solution to your technology requirements.

Where do you find the best IT solution for the hospitality industry?

InfiniCloud provides all the hardware and cloud assets your Northern Utah hospitality company needs to make things work efficiently – and we do it for an easily budgeted monthly fee.

InfiniCloud—A Team with Experience

Experience matters.  After all, you didn’t get to the top of your game without first putting in years of hard work.  And it’s the same with your IT support team. InfiniCloud has been serving leading businesses in Northern Utah for many years. And…we “get” the hospitality business.  We have the expertise you need to supply you with all the technology and IT support your company needs to climb to your next plateau of success.

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