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Interested in saving your company money or energy costs?

Go green with virtual computing. You may or may not have heard the term, but more and more companies that you do business with every day are moving toward this technology.


The virtual world offers you an amazing opportunity to ‘go greener,’ which could do absolute wonders for your business. Virtual Computing is all about replacing your desktop infrastructure with thin clients.


What is a thin client?

A thin client is like a remote control for your virtual computer, and it requires very little electricity as compared to those bulky desktops.

Why are companies going toward using thin clients at employee’s workstations instead of more traditional desktop or laptop machines?

Thin clients, as part of a virtual computing setup, bring you the following advantages.

  • They run on 10-15 watts of power – compared to 60-250 watts for a desktop or 15-45 watts for a laptop.
  • They have no moving parts – providing lower maintenance.
  • They have no fan noise – reducing white noise in the workplace.
  • They are compact – saving desk/office space.
  • They allow for data to be backed up and managed centrally – saving management time and cost.
  • They are highly reliable.
  • They have a long lifespan – up to 10 years.
  • They can be more quickly deployed than setting up and configuring a traditional laptop or desktop machine.
  • They provide the benefits of load balancing and resilience to the server side of your IT environment.

Go Green With Us!

While using desktop and laptop computers seems to be the simplest approach, it costs you money that could be put to work somewhere else in the company.

When you choose Infinicloud’s virtual solution, you’re not only reducing your up-front hardware costs, but you are also dramatically lowering energy costs.

In a day when clients are actively seeking to do business with companies that are trying to be globally conscious and lowering their carbon footprint, you want your business to be considered. Moving to thin clients is one step you can take that makes financial sense AND is easy on the planet.

Thin clients are smaller than desktop or laptop devices and have very few moving parts. It takes less energy to manufacture and ship them! As a bonus, they take up very little room on your desk. In fact, thin clients can be mounted behind your monitor – leaving your entire workstation space free.

You can save up to 90% less power with thin clients. Example: You spend only $132 worth of power in a year to run 100 thin clients. You might be surprised to know that your desk lamp creates more heat than these one-of-a-kind thin clients.

Not only does this mean you’ll be using scarcely any electricity in comparison to a full room of clunky, costly desktop computers, but Infinicloud’s data servers afford you more storage space with fewer resources.


Where are my applications and where does all company data go?

A thin client has no hard drive or outdated cd drive, so where do your applications come from and where is your data stored?

Great question!

As part of your package with Infinicloud, you get unlimited resource space within our data center. In that data center, our servers house all of your virtual desktop machines. Those virtual machines – along with your data and favorite applications (like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) – are accessed and used through the thin client at your workstation.


How secure is virtual computing?

Virtual computing leverages the power of business-class encryption to preserve your data in transit and at rest. Using enterprise-class security practices, it is actually far more secure than an in-house network.


Are virtual computers slow or sluggish?

Absolutely not. Using thin clients and the high-speed internet that we provide, your workstations will operate better than they have before – without noticeable operational lag time or downtime for updates, upgrades, and patches.


How is our legislative compliance standing affected by virtual computing?

Because all your data is encrypted, stored in, and accessed from a data center that is secure, compliance management is actually simpler and more cost-effective.


Save the Planet! It’s time to Go Green. Contact our friendly staff now at (855) 233-0556 or to find out more.